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The next single, " Careless Whisper ", was issued as a George Michael solo piece, yet unlike any Wham! single except "Wham Rap!" and "Club Tropicana", it was co-written with Ridgeley. The song, about a remorseful two-timer, had more emotional depth than previous releases. It quickly reached No. 1, selling over million copies in the UK. [7] "Careless Whisper" marked a new phase in Michael's career, as he somewhat distanced himself from Wham!'s playboy image. In the US—so as not to confuse American listeners just being exposed to Wham!—the single was billed as "Wham! featuring George Michael".

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11. Mariah Carey;Beautiful                                  

Artist : Gran Duo Italiano
Genre : Classical
Release Date : November 18, 2016
Label : Naxos of America, Inc.
Quality : MP3 320kbps - AutoRip
Catalog ID : B01JOGPJZQ
Disc : 2
Tags : 2016 , Most Wanted , mp3

Duo Italiano - Megamix (Medley Italiano Dance Version)Duo Italiano - Megamix (Medley Italiano Dance Version)